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what keeps you going?

Discover your inner BFF's aim your goals in the right direction.

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Everybody has a few things that reminds them that their purpose is needed. What reminds you that it's not about you but about the people you were called to serve?

It took me a while to truly identify my purpose. I had to ignore people looking at me funny, I have get out of imposter syndrome mode, and I had to realize that I was created to lead others in the direction of their destiny. In my quest to find my secret sauce I’ve discovered the three things that keep me focused and on track, I call them My BFF’s


Invest in your big idea

I’m an entrepreneur and have a passion to help other entrepreneurs succeed! I have over 15+ years of experience in the non-profit, music/entertainment and retail industries and I love to learn more and grow when it comes to business as a whole.

I help leaders and game changers improve in their field and in the marketplace and also deliver tailor-made business solutions for entrepreneurs to help them boost productivity and improve internal processes that can, in turn, increase sales.


Invest in your walk

My faith in God is what pushes me to help others along this journey and my passion to show His love in the marketplace is what encourages me to provide tips, strategies and the tools needed to succeed.

I not only want to help build great leaders in the marketplace and beyond, I also want to show God’s love in the process.  



I love sharing tips, recipes (when I have one lol) and just encouraging posts when it comes to health and fitness. I also think that mental health is just as important as physical health which is why “me time” is needed but often ignored by women. 

What do you do to stay in tip top shape? Got any recipes? I would love to hear your tips, advice and see your amazing pictures on IG.


Let's build together!

I would love to hear from you, and can't wait to see what you bring to the marketplace and beyond!

Have a general question about my services, products, etc.? Interested in booking me for your next event? Just want to say hi or have a prayer request? I would love to hear from you.